Scientifically EngineeredTHE LAB DRY HOPPED PRODUCTS

The original selection is a burst of flavoursDELICATELY BLENDED USING OUR

Invented by our creative artisan head brewer and hand crafted using a balance of roasted barley, oats, wheat & maize, every beer is triple hopped to give each and every mouthful an explosion of flavour. The LAB collection of unique beers has been fashioned for the 21st Century and will leave you wanting more!


An Explosive Blonde Beer

Developed using wheat, maize and crystal malts. ATOMIC Explosive Blonde is triple hopped using the finest British hops and has complex tropical flavours of pineapple, mango and passionfruit.

A Phenomenal Golden Beer

Developed using oats, barley and wheat. Triple hopped using four varieties of the British hop. DNA Golden has balanced honey, spice and blackcurrant flavours, with subtle back notes of citrus and mint.

A Limitless Amber Ale

Made using kilned dried and roasted ruby and golden malts and is triple hopped using four varieties of British hop. INFINITY Amber has a spicy, fruity flavour and a delicate floral aroma.

A Mysterious Dark IPA

Created with the finest chocolate and crystal roasted grains. Triple hopped using four varieties of British hop. GALAXY IPA has a delicate spiciness with citrusy aromas and subtle flavours of tropical fruit.